[NEJM] 2022年10月13日分


①Percutaneous Revascularization for Ischemic Left Ventricular Dysfunction

②Trial of Endovascular Treatment of Acute Basilar-Artery Occlusion

③Trial of Thrombectomy 6 to 24 Hours after Stroke Due to Basilar-Artery Occlusion
 脳底動脈閉塞による脳梗塞発症後 6~24 時間での血栓除去術の試験

④Five-Year Outcomes of the Danish Cardiovascular Screening (DANCAVAS) Trial
 デンマーク心血管スクリーニング(DANCAVAS)試験の 5 年転帰


①,revascularization by percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI),経皮的冠動脈インターベンション(PCI)による血行再建
①,event-free survival,無イベント生存期間
①,left ventricular function,左室機能
①,patients with severe ischemic left ventricular systolic dysfunction,重度の虚血性左室収縮機能障害患者
①,optimal medical therapy,最適な内科的治療
①,individually adjusted pharmacologic and device therapy for heart failure,個別に調節した薬物や医療機器を用いた心不全治療
②,endovascular thrombectomy,血管内血栓除去術
②,stroke due to basilar-artery occlusion,脳底動脈閉塞による脳梗塞
②,best medical care,最適な内科的治療
②,good functional status,良好な機能状態
②,modified Rankin scale score,修正ランキンスケールスコア
②,symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage,症候性頭蓋内出血
②,90-day mortality,90 日死亡率
②,procedural complications,手技に伴う合併症
②,intravenous thrombolysis,静脈内血栓溶解療法
②,death due to arterial perforation,動脈穿孔による死亡
③,”modified Rankin scale (range, 0 to 6, with a score of 0 indicating no disability, 4 moderately severe disability, and 6 death)”,修正ランキンスケール(0~6 で,0 は障害なし,4 は中等度~重度の障害,6 は死亡を示す)
③,”good functional status (a modified Rankin scale score of 0 to 3, with a score of 3 indicating moderate disability)”,良好な機能状態(修正ランキンスケールスコアが 0~3,3 は中等度の障害を示す)
④,”population-based, parallel-group, randomized, controlled trial”,人口ベースの並行群間無作為化比較試験
④,subclinical cardiovascular disease,潜在性心血管疾患
④,noncontrast electrocardiography-gated computed tomography,心電図同期単純 CT
④,coronary-artery calcium score,冠動脈石灰化スコア
④,aneurysms and atrial fibrillation,動脈瘤・心房細動
④,ankle?brachial blood-pressure measurements,足関節上腕血圧測定
④,peripheral artery disease and hypertension,末梢動脈疾患・高血圧
④,aortic dissection,大動脈解離
④,aortic rupture,大動脈破裂