[NEJM] 2024年1月4日分


January 4, 2024 Vol. 390 No. 1

①Drug-Eluting Resorbable Scaffold versus Angioplasty for Infrapopliteal Artery Disease

②A Phase 2 Trial of Sibeprenlimab in Patients with IgA Nephropathy
 IgA 腎症患者に対するシベプレンリマブの第 2 相試験

③Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Biomass Cooking and Severe Infant Pneumonia

④Effects of Cooking with Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Biomass on Stunting in Infants


chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI)包括的高度慢性下肢虚血(CLTI)
infrapopliteal artery disease膝下動脈疾患
frequent reintervention頻回の再介入
adverse limb outcomes下肢の有害転帰
drug-eluting resorbable scaffolds生体吸収性薬剤溶出スキャフォールド
everolimus-eluting resorbable scaffoldエベロリムス溶出生体吸収性スキャフォールド
amputation above the ankle of the target limb対象肢の足関節より近位での切断
occlusion of the target vessel標的血管の閉塞
clinically driven revascularization of the target lesion臨床的必要性による標的病変の再血行再建
binary restenosis of the target lesion標的病変の再狭窄
freedom from perioperative death周術期死亡が発生していないこと
serious adverse events related to the index procedure指標手技に関連する重篤な有害事象
proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL)増殖誘導リガンド(a proliferation-inducing ligand:APRIL)
pathogenesis of IgA nephropathyIgA 腎症の発症機序
adults with biopsy-confirmed IgA nephropathy who were at high risk for disease progression, despite having received standard-care treatmentIgA 腎症の診断が生検で確定し,標準治療を受けているにもかかわらず疾患進行のリスクが高い成人
log-transformed 24-hour urinary protein-to-creatinine ratio対数変換した 24 時間尿蛋白/クレアチニン比
pooled sibeprenlimab groupsシベプレンリマブ統合群
exposure to household air pollution家庭内空気汚染への曝露
risk factor for severe pneumonia重症肺炎の危険因子
(particles with an aerodynamic diameter of ≤2.5 μm [PM2.5])(空気力学径 2.5 μm 以下の粒子 [PM2.5])
verbal autopsy口頭剖検(死亡した児の介護者への聴取)
biomass fuel (e.g., wood, dung, or agricultural crop waste)バイオマス燃料(木質,糞,農業残渣など)
stunting (defined as a length-for-age z score that was more than two standard deviations below the median of a growth standard)成長阻害(年齢別身長 z スコアが,成長基準値の中央値より -2 標準偏差超と定義)